Greetings. My name is Elemental Quill (you may have also seen me elsewhere on here as Confusion Status). For those of you who have seen me before and wondering why I have started this again, it’s because I feel I have a better understanding of writing posts with actual relevant ideas related to the purpose of the site. You know that feeling when you look over your content and think that it just isn’t right? That you must surely have improved since then? That’s what I felt. The entire blog needed refreshing and improving and the only way to do that, I’m afraid, was to start over from scratch. (Though not entirely; I’ve kept some of my better posts for re-blogging purposes.) I apologise for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused. I’ve done this whole starting again thing a few times with certain video games, never mind this blog – I just want the best content possible! ^^;

Now to begin properly.

I’m Elemental Quill and this is a different literature blog compared to many. I don’t do book reviews – there are many great reviewers already doing that. Rather, I’m looking at various forms of literacy concepts, particular fiction and writing from a more different and unique perspective. For example, what is the relationship between writers and the coffeehouse? How is Winnie the Pooh a philosopher? What is fan-fiction and why does it need defending? What are Russian picture books like? You get the idea; it’s something a little bit different.

I hope you find this blog enlightening and take away a little something with you, even if it’s just a single thought.