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I’m Elemental Quill (you may also know me as Confusion Status in my other blog). Some of you may have visited this site before and you’ll see it’s gone under a massive overhaul as I have tried to improve things and produce better content.

Most literary blogs deal with book reviews; this blog is different as it deals with literary concepts and interesting articles about literature, authors and the process of writing in general. A little bit about Harry Potter, Russian picture books and the merits of coffee for authors? You’ve got it. It’s always good to see things from a new and refreshing perspective.

My favourite works are generally fantasy and as such include the joys of Terry Pratchett, J. K. Rowling. J. R. R. Tolkien, Trudi Canavan, Naomi Novik and more.

If you fancy checking out my other blog on things I personally find weird and confusing, check it out here.

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